Our Church

Our Church

August in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2019

Dear All,

August is supposed to be a laid back, quiet month.

In one of my previous parishes, Wash Common in Newbury, it was always said that “God went on holiday in August” and the parish did likewise, with the church pretty much closed for the duration.

Not so here.

We have the aftermath of the glorious maelstrom of the “Big Top” Holiday Club with the Holiday Club Service on the 4th, which will be fabulous. (“Roll up Roll - up all welcome!!”)

There will be the Community Leaders’ Lunch on the 7th August with upwards of 30 people from the Town Community: really good for networking & also fun!

Then I have a number of Barbeques happening including one on 24th August for members of the Plurality P.C.C.s and one on the 31st August for all comers where all will be welcome! 12.00 midday – 3.00 p.m. both times. Put them in your diaries!!

I’ll be using the magnificent Barbeque you all gave me for my 30th anniversary of Deaconing (thank you so, so much!) & I am looking forward to it.

I take real pleasure in feeding people & love opening the Rectory for a whole number of does & events. (Sophie loves it too – she welcomes everyone into her pack and is ever hopeful for dropped hamburgers & sausages!)

I think hospitality is an important part of a Parish Priest’s role, not just because I enjoy doing it, but because I think here is something about hospitality which is part of the core Gospel message.

Our central act of worship is based on a shared meal (our Holy Week Agape Meal focuses this) and I think it reflects in the self – giving of Jesus something of the hospitality of God as He shares his Love with us all, inviting us to be caught up in the relationship between the Persons of the Trinity.

This August, I hope you have fun in (hopefully!) the sunshine & see you at the Rectory. Hurrah!

Love, Fr. John