Our Church

Our Church

April in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2020

Dear All,

As I write, my Garden is a Quagmire.

It feels as if it has been raining solidly since the beginning of February, & I, like everyone else, have just about had enough of it all! The ground is sodden, and every time Sophie walks in, she leaves a trail of muddy paw-prints for me to mop up.

As I write, my grass cutters are in the garden for the first cut of the year: using their lightest & smallest mower: they are trying not to sink into the mud, feeling that if they don’t attempt a cut, the grass will be waist high before we know it.

As I write, the forecast is ominous.

Snow & temperatures of down to -5 degrees are supposedly on their way. I remember in Moulsecoomb some 15 or so years ago, waking up on Easter Day to a thick covering of snow. We started the Easter Day Service with a spirited rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas!” I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat performance.

And yet, and yet….

As I write, I see signs of hope too.

Trudging soggily around the garden, in one pot of Lilies I see a number of fat, purple buds promising not only that the flowers have survived winter but potentially will be vigorous and healthy in the months to come. Daffodils are out, and primroses, and snowdrops.

They all show that new life is coming, that the cold grimness of Winter is not the final word, that Spring is breaking through with the certainty of summer beyond. 

This is what Lent & Easter are about: in the midst of death & loss & hopelessness, the death & Resurrection of Jesus the Christ proclaim that love is stronger than death and always will be.

Whatever personal Winters we walk through, whatever storms life throws at us, we have in Eastertide the assurance of God’s love and of God’s power to transform and bring Salvation.

Happy Lent, & when we get there, Happy Eastertide!!

Love, Fr. John