Church of the Holy Cross Uckfield

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church is situated at the junction of Church Street and Belmont Road in Uckfield. There is extremely limited parking in the churchyard as there are some private residences who have their own parking.

Disabled parking is available here in the form of one parking space and there is a ramp up from the churchyard to the church. A disabled access ramp is at the north door to the church which is round the back from the view shown above. This involves a very short walk round the left hand side of the church.

Parking for everyone else is available in the Luxford Fields Car Park and is free for 10 hours at the end nearest the church. There is a path through from this car park to Belmont Road and you can then see the path up to the church. If you have to park further away in the Luxford Fields Car Park, beware that the free parking time is 3 hours only and if you exceed this time you will be fined.

Access to Luxford Fields Car Park is via 2 possible entry points. The northern most off Uckfield High Street (and furthest up the High Street) is next to Uckfield Picture House and below it. The other one is in a southerly direction further down the Uckfield High Street.