The Rector

The Rector Father John Wall

The Rev Father John Wall MA

Telephone:- 01825 371688

Hon Assistant Curate

Hon Asst Curate Father David Ashton

The Rev Father David Ashton

Telephone:- 01825 768643

Hon Assistant Curate

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The Rev Canon Hugh Moseley

Telephone:- 01273 813260


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Mrs Sheila Fordham

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Churchwarden and Deputy Health and Safety Officer

Churchwarden:- Dee Johnson

Dee Johnson

Telephone:- 01825 278312

Churchwarden and Health and Safety Officer

Churchwarden:- John Pontefract

John Pontefract

Telephone:- 01825 763080

Hon Treasurer

Hon Treasurer:- Paul Ireland

Paul Ireland

Telephone:- 01825 761530

Hon Secretary PCC & Data Protection Officer

Gillian Youngman Hon Secretary PCC

Mrs Gillian Youngman

Telephone:- 01825 760700

Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding Officer Karen Smith

Karen Smith

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Assistant Safeguarding Officer

Rhian Cottrell

Rhian Cottrell

Major Works Projects Manager

Health and Safety Officer Paul Kennedy

Paul A. Kennedy

Telephone:- 01825 760640

Director of Music

Director of Music:- Tim Guntrip

Tim Guntrip

Telephone:- 07827 633258

Junior Church Leader and Festival of Christmas Trees Manager

Sarah Widdowson Junior Church Leader

Mrs Sarah Widdowson

Telephone:- 07906 727417

The Verger

The Verger Angela Noel

Mrs Angela Noel

Telephone:- 01825 765096

Parish Administrator and Electoral Roll Officer

Parish Administrator:- Lynne Ireland

Mrs Lynne Ireland

Telephone:- 01825 764889

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